Are You Self Conscious of Your Teeth When You Smile? Find Out About Teeth Alignment and porcelain veneers.

Are you self conscious about your teeth when you smile? Do you find yourself purposely closing your mouth in photos, or raising your hand in front of your face to hide your teeth?

If you are not been with a confident smile, there are still things you can do to get one. We’d all like to have a nice smile but our teeth can stop us from smiling and feeling good due to concerns with crooked teeth, discolouring, the prominence of your gums or even bad breath. There are treatments that can help, like whitening your teeth, getting rid of bad breath, straightening your teeth or having porcelain veneers.

Scientists have pinpointed more than 50 types of smiles, and their research suggests that the sincerest smile of all is known as the Duchenne smile–a smile that pushes up into the eyes. The reason it’s more genuine is because the muscles needed to smile with our eyes are involuntary; they only become engaged in an authentic smile, not in a “courtesy” smile. Since you can’t force a genuine smile (after all, that’s what makes them genuine!) I will try to share with you in this article, one of the ways you can smile from within.


Many of us experience problems as children or teenagers because teeth don’t necessarily grow in a straight line. If there is no regular access to dental care, the opportunity to resolve the issues using braces in childhood may be missed. The problems can become more severe by the time we reach adulthood and the issues can go beyond just a less attractive look. Your teeth can cause headaches, become infected and just become generally uncomfortable.

If your teeth alignment is not corrected, you could suffer with problems with decay and the need to have more fillings. A single tooth out of position will impact on the surrounding teeth; positing them out of line. Ultimately, you will not only achieve a better looking smile by straightening your teeth, your teeth become easier to maintain and therefore prevent further damage from occurring.

Adult braces provide the simplest and most affordable way of correcting teeth alignment. Unless the issue is severe, you can probably be fitted with clear braces that family and friends will find hard to spot. Wearing braces has become much more common place in recent years and there is generally less embarrassment. Chances are that most people will only ever see the difference in your newly straightened teeth.!


If you have chips or gaps in your teeth then you may wish to consider porcelain veneers; particularly when your teeth are straight along the gum line but misaligned at the base. The treatment consists of grinding down your natural tooth and capping it with a veneer. You can choose a colour and shape that you prefer to match with your existing teeth. An initial consultation will discuss the issues you have with your current smile and the required treatment. You can expect around 4-5 visits to your dentist in total. A treatment plan will be discussed once impressions and x-rays have been done. Your teeth are then prepared and you have a trial period with your new smile until the final veneers are cemented into place at your last appointment.

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